Introductory Office and Excel add-ins with Javascript and Office Scripts course

Learn to program Office Excel add-ins with Javascript and Office Scripts – Training contents

Microsoft Excel and the Office package can be automated by programming so-called add-ins and also by recording and programming Office Scripts (as an alternative to VBA). The add-ins and scripts are produced in a language called Javascript, or its very close relative Typescript. With our training courses for producing add-ins with Javascript/Typescript, you will learn to program Excel as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.

Recording Excel Office Scripts in Javascript - introduction and overview

  • Setting up necessary pre-requisites
  • Recording your first Office Script
  • Automating common tasks using Office Scripts

A crash course in Office Scripts with Javascript for Excel

  • Javascript/Typescript overview
  • ScriptLab basics
  • Set up editor and development environment
  • Declare and use variables
  • Manage and control program flow - iterations, conditions
  • Create functions
  • Understand objects
  • Catch and handle run-time errors
  • Find bugs and step through code
  • Events

Excel Javascript add-ins - introduction and overview

  • The Excel structure and content add-ins
  • The Excel application
  • Formulas
  • Tables
  • Named items
  • Charts
  • Content add-ins

Content add-in - user interface design

  • Understand content add-ins
  • Overview of the Office fabric user interface
  • Set up the scaffolding
  • Use a navigation menu
  • Handle panels
  • Add callouts

Excel Object Model and asynchronous programming for Office

  • Overview: The Proxy object
  • Use Javascript promises
  • Overview: The Excel object model
  • Load properties
  • Use range with multi-valued properties

Tables: Read and write

  • Data ranges
  • Format ranges
  • Excel tables
  • Sort tables
  • Format tables
  • Read table data

Charts and diagrams

  • Set up chart data structure
  • Create charts
  • Format charts
  • Format series
  • Format axes
  • Using external charts