Advanced Office Scripts for Excel add-ins with Javascript course

Learn to program Office Excel add-ins with Javascript and Office Scripts – Training contents

Microsoft Excel and the Office package can be automated by programming so-called add-ins using Office Scripts (as an alternative to VBA). The add-ins and scripts are produced in a language called Javascript, or its very close relative Typescript. Add-ins also make use of HTML and CSS. Solutions can run on multiple platforms, such as on Windows, on Apple Mac and in browsers. With our training courses for producing Office Add-Ins with Javascript/Typescript, you will learn to program Excel as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.

Excel Office add-ins - introduction and overview

  • The Excel structure and content add-ins
  • The Excel application

Create an add-in

  • Using the Yeoman generator for Node.js
  • Using Visual Studio
  • Using Visual Studio Code

Content add-in - user interface design

  • Understand content add-ins
  • Components of an Office add-in (manifest, web app)
  • Overview of the Office fabric user interface
  • Set up the scaffolding
  • Use a navigation menu
  • Buttons and ribbon menu commands
  • Add dialog boxes
  • Handle panels and panes
  • Add callouts
  • Add new objects to Office documents
  • Add custom HTML user-interface dialog objects
  • Calling external web services
  • Handling authentication
  • Fluent UI React for Excel Office Add-Ins in React
  • Office UI Fabric JS - without UI framework ("Fabric core" / "Fluent core")

Excel Object Model and asynchronous programming for Office

  • Office JavaScript API
  • Overview: The Proxy object
  • Use Javascript promises
  • Overview: The Excel object model
  • Load properties
  • Use range with multi-valued properties

Integrating with other Office apps

  • Understanding application APIs
  • Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word