Introductory Google Sheets Apps Script course

Learn to program Google Apps Script for Google Sheets - Training course contents

Automate your Google Sheet reporting and calculations using Google Apps Script. Google Apps Script requires Javascript knowledge, which is a large part of the training course. Below follows some of the available topics during our Google App Scripts course.

Javascript basics for Google Apps Script

  • Javascript/Typescript overview
  • ScriptLab basics
  • Set up editor and development environment
  • Declare and use variables
  • Manage and control program flow - iterations, conditions
  • Create functions
  • Understand objects
  • Catch and handle run-time errors
  • Find bugs and step through code
  • Events

Introduction to Google Apps Script

  • What is Google Apps Script?
  • Stand-alone Google Sheets App
  • Google Sheets functions
  • User interface considerations
  • Manipulating cell values
  • Writing cell formulas
  • Writing responses
  • Event triggers