Google Sheets Course

Google Sheets - training course contents

Excelkurs Direkt provides courses in Google Sheets, an online spreadsheet service that is very similar to Excel. Below are examples of available modules and topics.

Spreadsheets introduction and preparation

  • Setup account
  • Toolbar menu overview
  • Types of data in cells
  • Navigate spreadsheets with keyboard shortcuts
  • Basic content formatting

Basic functions

  • Basic calculation functions (SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, ...)
  • Common functions (COUNTA, MAX, MIN, ...)

Rounding and randomizing

  • Randomise values (RAND, RANDBETWEEN, ...)

Conditional functions

  • Name cell ranges
  • Make decisions (IF)
  • Use logic functions (AND, OR, NOT, ...)
  • Nest IF statements (IF(IF(...))) versus IFS function
  • Highlight cell contents with conditional formatting
  • Calculate values conditionally (SUM + IF, SUMIF, SUMIFS, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, ...)

Errors and handling errors

  • List of all possible errors and their typical causes
  • Handle formula errors (IFERROR)

Sorting and filtering

  • Set up for sorting and filtering
  • Sort lists
  • Filter lists
  • Sort and filter using functions (ARRAYFORMULA)

Charts, diagrams and graphs

  • Introduction to charts, graphs and diagrams
  • Create charts
  • Comparison with Microsoft Excel capabilities

Data analysis and lookups

  • Find data using key values (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, XLOOKUP, ...)
  • Understand complex lookups (INDEX, MATCH, OFFSET, XMATCH, ...)
  • Sort and filter using matrix functions (ARRAYFORMULA)

Pivot tables

  • Handle raw data
  • Use the section format
  • Introduction to pivot tables
  • Intermediate pivot tables
  • Advanced pivot tables
  • Comparison to Microsoft Excel pivots / Power pivots

Cleaning text data

  • Introduction to Text Functions: Adding words together and changing their case
  • Extract words/ characters / id's from text (LEFT, RIGHT, MID, LEN, ...)
  • Benefit from other text functions (SUBSTITUTE, TRIM, ...)

Transforming date and time data

  • The Excel date and time system
  • Get current values (NOW, TODAY, ...)
  • Create dates and time from values (TIME, DATE, ...)
  • Calculate dates in future and past (EDATE, EOMONTH, ...)

Data validation

  • Data validation overview
  • Restrict valid cell values

Google-specific / Non-Excel functions

  • Get stock quotes from Google (GOOGLEFINANCE)
  • Translate words (GOOGLETRANSLATE)
  • Create SQL query (QUERY)
  • Import data from query (IMPORTRANGE)
  • Comparison of functions and features in Google Spreadsheet vs. Microsoft Excel
  • Matrix functions (ARRAYFORMULA)