Online Excel and VBA video training courses and classes

Excelkurs Direkt offers all Excel and VBA lessons and lectures as tutor-led online training courses. As an online education provider, our consultants and experienced tutors give personal lessons for a wide range of subjects using video conferencing tools.

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Remote training courses - anyone, anywhere

Our distance learning using web conference tools to deliver tutor-led video lessons allows anyone to participate online. A typical course spans 6 x 2-hour sessions over the course of one or several weeks. A series of online lectures can be held individually or in a group. We personalise course recommendations. Learn at your own pace, using a flexible schedule. This self-paced approach allows for continuous learning.

Anywhere: From the convenience of your own home, at the office, or on the go - on the bus, on the train, in a café, even outdoors, in a park or on a ship. It's a very relaxed (and corona virus free) environment, and you save time by not driving or commuting to an office.

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Instructor-led tutoring and online support sessions

A dedicated and experienced tutor helps participants to focus and stay on track, having an instructor helps with study discipline. An actual live educator makes training more personal and questions are answered quicker than with pre-recorded video sessions. Instructor-led tutoring also allows for tackling day-to-day issues and getting problem-solving support.

This kind of on-demand training or tutor-led e-learning requires less self-discipline than pure video classes. It is a chance to learn independently and avoid a classroom crowd as well as public speaking. The lessons can be tailored to your individual needs. Personal feedback is given instantaneously, class tasks and reminders can be sent via mail. The time in-between sessions provides ample time to digest and practise topics learned during class.

Online video training environment and web conferencing tools

All you need for online instruction is a device with internet access. Any digital screen can be used. Depending on chosen tool, the classes can be followed via mobile / smartphone, web browser, through mail or chat, even traditional phone calls.

The tutor's screen is recorded to provide a live video presentation. Simply put, it records anything that takes place on the teacher's screen, including audio, and transmits to your screen and speakers. You can pose questions by writing or giving examples on a shared screen, and discuss topics live with the professor via audio or chat.

The live video lecture and its audio are transmitted via online video conferencing systems and web classes organised as meetings via virtual classrooms. Course sessions are streamed to your web browser or your video-conferencing client, such as Google Hangouts, Skype, Teams, Teamviewer, Webex, Zoom or a tool of your choice or your organisation's standard. Virtual face-to-face interaction is possible, but anonymous participation can also be provided.

Our online tutoring pedagogy

During the tutor-led online classes and seminars, material such as tutorials are provided for download. A course consists of a series of online tutoring sessions, which provide ample time for practice, assignments, quizzes, exercises and exams. With our blended course pedagogy, the teacher uses video as well as slideshows, text material and PDF documents. A common scheme is to receive an exercise via mail which is to be returned for review and correction, either through mail or during next online session.

Participate in a web course

To enroll, simply contact us to register and get an online tutor instantly.