Workshop: Explore the power of VBA macros for Excel

VBA macro workshop - training contents

Explore the possibilities and opportunities presented by using VBA and macros to automate processes, extending Excel functionality and improving user interaction for business digitalisation.

Theory and demonstrations intertwined with workshop discussions regarding the possible use of VBA in the internal processes of your organization.

  • What are macros and VBA programs
  • How and when can VBA macros be used generally
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using VBA
  • Security issues with macros
  • Demonstrations and real-life examples
  • Using files containing macros
  • Exploring VBA power areas (Office integration, consolidation, text manipulation, etc.)
  • Recording your first macro
  • Download macros from the internet and adapt them to your needs
  • Workshop discussion
  • How and when can VBA be used in your line of work?
  • How can your existing work process be automatized or improved using VBA macros?
  • Overview of other spreadsheet automation alternatives (e.g. Google Apps Script, Applescript, Apache Openoffice Basic, JavaScript)