Introductory Excel VBA macro programming course

VBA programming fundamentals - training course contents

Our intensive VBA basics training course in macro programming for Excel teaches you how to use and code macros in Excel to automatise work and extend Excel features by programming add-ins and functions for business digitalisation. VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications, the programming language for Microsoft Office applications. This introductory VBA course for beginners also answers the question "what is VBA".

You will learn how to use the following Excel VBA features, functions and concepts:

  • Setup Excel in VBA developer mode, ready for VBA programming and coding
  • Get to know VBE, the visual basic editor environment
  • Create procedures and new Excel VBA worksheet functions
  • Overview and use available programming objects in Excel and the object model and hierarchy (Range, Cells, Worksheets, Workbooks, ...)
  • Learn the difference between objects, methods and properties (With)
  • Work with forms, buttons, labels and text (graphics, user controls, UserForm, events)
  • Use events to schedule program execution at a chosen time and date
  • Declare and use variables in the right way (Dim, As, String, Long)
  • Manage and control program workflow (If, Select Case, For... Next)
  • Find bugs and step through code (breakpoints, debugging)
  • Catch and handle runtime errors (On Error, GoTo)

We can also aid you in finding answers to specific questions, explore areas of particular interest and delve into VBA-related problems.