Introductory Excel Office Scripts with Typescript/Javascript course

Learn to automate Excel by programming Office Scripts for Excel with TypeScript/JavaScript - Training contents

Microsoft Excel and the Office package can be automated by recording and programming so-called Office Scripts (as an alternative to VBA macros). The scripts are produced in a language called Javascript, or its very close relative Typescript. With our training courses for automating Excel offline and online with Javascript/Typescript, you will learn to program Excel as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.

Perhaps you were looking for our VBA macro courses for Excel instead?

Our intensive Office Scripts basics training in script programming for Excel teaches you how to use and code Office Scripts in Excel to automate work reporting and extend Excel features by programming functions. This introductory Office Scripts course for beginners also answers the question "what is Office Scripts".

Recording Excel Office Scripts in Javascript - introduction and overview

  • Setting up necessary pre-requisites
  • Recording your first Office Script with Action Recorder
  • Automating common tasks using Office Scripts

A crash course in Typescript/Javascript for Office Scripts in Excel

  • Javascript/Typescript overview
  • ScriptLab basics: Set up the code editor and development environment
  • Getting an account on Github, what is a Gist?
  • Declare and use variables (let, const)
  • Manage and control program flow - iterations, conditions (if/else, while, for)
  • Create functions
  • Understand and access objects
  • Arrays and lists
  • Catch and handle run-time errors (try/catch)
  • Find bugs and step through code (the console)
  • Understanding the Microsoft's sample snippets: HTML DOM document object model basics and events, CSS basics, JQuery basics, promises with async/await

Excel Office Scripts - introduction and overview

  • The Excel application object
  • The Excel object structure
  • Script starting point (main)
  • Common Excel Office Script objects (workbook, worksheet, range)
  • Work with formulas
  • Access Excel tables
  • Using Named items
  • Create charts and set their properties
  • Use collections
  • Share your Office Scripts online
  • Use Office Scripts in Excel on the web
  • Store and share scripts on OneDrive and set access rights

Excel Object Model

  • Overview: The Excel object model
  • Load properties
  • Use range with multi-valued properties
  • Office Scripts API reference

Tables: Read from and write to with Office Scripts

  • Workbook data ranges
  • Format ranges
  • Excel tables
  • Sort tables
  • Format tables
  • Read table data

Excel charts and diagrams - create with Office Scripts

  • Set up chart data structure
  • Create charts
  • Format charts
  • Format series
  • Format axes
  • Using external charts

Use Power Automate on the web to connect Office Scripts

  • Create workflows using multiple Office apps and services
  • Manual script calls from Power Automate 
  • Use scripts outside of the Excel workbook
  • Schedule the execution of scripts
  • Set up triggers to run your scripts on certain events
  • Passing data to a Power Automate flow

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