Excel macro automation courses

Excel VBA course 1: Introduction to Excel macro programming using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Learn how to develop Excel macro programs and Excel applications with expert program features and functions. VBA basics for automation of reports and programmed macros for financial functions, statistics and calculations in Excel.

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Excel VBA course 2: Advanced Visual Basic (VBA) programming for Excel - the next step

Continue developing Excel macro programs and Excel VBA applications using advanced programming features in this advanced VBA training course.

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One-day digitalisation workshop: Explore the power of VBA macros for Excel

Explore the possibilities and opportunities presented by using Microsoft VBA macros to automate reporting, financial modelling and other work tasks, extending Excel functionality and improving user interaction. Discuss how VBA can be used in digitalisation to change a business model to produce more value, provide new revenue and reduce costs. 

Theory and demonstrations intertwined with workshop discussions regarding the possible use of VBA in the internal processes of your organisation, as well as recording your first macro. Not a course in programming.

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Excel add-ins with Typescript/Javascript and scripts with Office Scripts - introductory programming course 

Extend functions and automate reporting in Excel with Javascript, as an alternative to using VBA macros. Learn to perform work through code locally and online in the cloud by programming Excel add-ins with Javascript and automating Excel with Office Scripts.

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