Introductory Excel Course

Basic Excel - training contents

Our basic computing education in Excel gives you an introduction to the most important features in Excel.

We practice the following introductory and fundamental functions:

  • Manage spreadsheets and workbooks in Excel
  • Handle and understand the difference between Excel files (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm)
  • Enter data into spreadsheet cells
  • Reference between cells and to other worksheets
  • Sort and filter values in rows and columns
  • Search and replace text in a worksheet or an entire workbook
  • Basic functions in Excel for calculations (SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, etc.)
  • Create formulas in Excel
  • Create clean and effective Excel charts and diagrams
  • Illustrate data using informative images
  • Printer settings and print-outs
  • Format cell content appearance
  • Change cell formatting based on cell contents

We give full support to beginners and provide concise explanations as well as any necessary repetition of basic and fundamental features and functions in Excel.