Intermediate Excel Course

Intermediate Excel - training contents

Our intermediate computing education in Excel gives you a deeper level of understanding of the most important features in Excel. You can also add topics from the introductory and advanced level.

We practice the following introductory and fundamental functions:

  • Basic functions in Excel for calculations (SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, etc.)
  • Create formulas in Excel
  • Create clean and effective Excel charts and diagrams
  • Illustrate data using informative images
  • Printer settings and print-outs
  • Format cell content appearance
  • Change cell formatting based on cell contents
  • Import data from external sources (files, the web and databases)
  • Quickly compile charts and use them from Powerpoint
  • Structure spreadsheets and handle growing data tables
  • Find the proper functions and understand Excel's built-in help system

We give full support to beginners and provide concise explanations as well as any necessary repetition of basic and fundamental features and functions in Excel.