Advanced Excel Course

High-level Excel - training contents

Our advanced Excel masterclass training course extends your knowledge and ability to work with the most powerful functions, tools and features available in Excel.

We cover topics from the following list of advanced Excel features and functions:

  • Import and consolidate data (from Excel files, folders, text/CSV files, PDF documents, the web and databases, through Power Query/Get & Transform)
  • Quickly illustrate data with charts and use diagrams in Powerpoint, Word and PDF
  • Structure spreadsheets and handle growing data tables
  • Find the proper functions and understand Excel's built-in help system
  • Analyse data using advanced functions (IF, IFS, VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP, MATCH, XMATCH, INDEX, OFFSET, SUMIF, SUMIFS, SWITCH, MAXIFS, MINIFS, etc.)
  • Manipulate dates and text with functions (TODAY, YEAR, MONTH, WORKDAYS, ISOWEEKNUM, LEFT, RIGHT, MID, CONCATENATE, TEXTJOIN, etc.)
  • Summarize data using pivot tables and visualise results with pivot charts
  • Perform business intelligence on multiple, related data sources with Power Pivot
  • Lock cells and create custom input forms to facilitate input and avoid errors
  • Find errors in sheets and review complex formulas
  • Collaborate by using shared and merged workbooks
  • Automate everyday work tasks by recording and replaying Excel macros (VBA) and Office Scripts (Javascript)
  • Solve optimisation problems by using the tools Goal seek and Solver
  • Excel 365: Fetch share data with the Stock data type and stock history (STOCKHISTORY), and location with the Geography data type
  • Excel 365: Use artificial intelligence (AI) to find outliers in data, frequencies, who accounts for most revenue/cost, etc.
  • Excel 365: Dynamic arrays (UNIQUE, FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, SEQUENCE, RANDARRAY, #SPILL! error, the spilled range operator #, implicit intersection, implicit operator @)
  • Excel 365: Create custom functions and use recursion (LAMBDA) and store intermediate calculation steps (LET)
  • Excel 365: Lambda helper functions: Apply formula to each array item (MAP), reduce list items to one value (REDUCE) and many more (BYROW, BYCOL, SCAN, MAKEARRAY, ISOMITTED)
  • Excel 365: Splitting text by delimiters (TEXTSPLIT, TEXTBEFORE, TEXTAFTER)
  • Excel 365: Array manipulations: Combining arrays (HSTACK, VTACK), resizing and shaping arrays (TOROW, TOCOL, WRAPROWS, WRAPCOLS, CHOOSEROWS, CHOOSECOLS, TAKE, DROP, EXPAND) 
  • Excel 365: GROUPBY and PIVOTBY. Pivoting by using formulas.
  • Excel 365: Using Python in your Excel calculations.

We can also aid you in finding answers to specific questions, explore areas of particular interest and delve into Excel-related problems during our workshops.

We give full support and concise explanations of advanced features and functions, as well as the necessary repetition of fundamental functions in Excel.