Excel macro programming and script development services

Would you like to save time by having a macro program perform repetitive and time-consuming Excel work tasks? Let our software developers write professional macros in VBA, Office Scripts or Google Apps Script for you. We provide development, automation, migration, integration and maintenance services. Also offered via VBA Macro Developer

VBA developers for programmed macros and applications in Excel

Our VBA developers are skilled and dedicated. Let us help you create the solution needed to digitise your business.

VBA macro programming and development services

Below are some examples of how we could assist your VBA development efforts:

  • Develop new Excel VBA applications
  • Create new functions and features in Excel
  • Develop new features in existing Excel VBA applications
  • Automate current processes / work tasks / reports
  • Integrate with existing systems such as SAP / statistical databases / graph software / websites / APIs
  • Maintain existing VBA macros
  • Move existing VBA macro files to newer versions of Excel
  • Move existing VBA macro files from 32-bit to 64-bit and from Windows to Apple Mac
  • Move existing VBA macro files to online Microsoft Office Scripts or Google Apps Scripts for Google Sheets

Automate Excel with Office Scripts and migrate from VBA

Excel can be automated using Office Scripts, using Typescript/Javascript. Let us help you implement the best solution and move online by migrating your existing VBA macros to the new online Office Scripts environment. Let us connect your apps and create workflows with the Power Automate features.

Program developers for Google Sheets / Google Sheets Apps Script

Let our developers create Excel-like automated solutions based on Google Sheets with Google Apps Script with tailored code for the Javascript-based cloud solution. We can migrate your existing Excel VBA macros to Google Apps Script.