Import of PXWeb API data into Excel with VBA macros

Excel tools for fetching PxWeb API data via VBA

Use our solution to get statistical data from any PC-Axis PX-Net PxWeb OpenData statistics service API. The tools have been developed and in use since 2012.

  • Set up queries and channels via a simple user interface in Excel or online. No need to use the web browser, all can be done from Excel.
  • Browse the dataset hierarchy from Excel, view meta data and download statistical data.
  • Set up subscription channels to statistical data for batch import.
  • Automatically keep track of when new source data becomes available or is updated.
  • Store queries and simply refresh them in Excel when desired.
  • Refresh the dataset automatically or interactively.
  • Get the entire data set into Excel, Powerpivot, Power BI or a database such as Access, Oracle, MSSQL or MySQL - avoid error-prone cut and paste.
  • Avoid locking up computer, process can work in background.
  • Get your data directly in Excel, as a link or in Dropbox.
  • Access to our JSON API to create and remove queries through program code.
  • Extract data from national statistical institutions (NSI).
  • Supports PxWeb, PC-Axis, PX-Net type of JSON API data

List of statistical databases

Our solution can be adapted to be used to automate data collection from the following statistical databases: