Import of Kolada API data into Excel with VBA macros

Export and import of raw data and key performance indicators from Kolada (Kommun- och Landstingsdatabasen) automated in Excel by using VBA macros.

Users can pick tables and sources from a list and decide which data should be automatically imported into Excel, or any other database, with one simple click or scheduled at desired times. 

Excel integration with the Kolada API via VBA macros

Connecting your Excel sheets with the Kolada data access API, allowing for automatic data import into an Excel sheet, without manual labour.

Optionally, data can be written to an Access database for larger datasets and analysis in Power BI / PowerPivot.

Sources can be refreshed and extended by the push of a button, or automatically refreshed, as desired. We can provide program code for simple integration with Kolada from Excel VBA, perform adaptations and migrations, updates and maintenance.

The solution has been offered and developed since 2012.

How can I benefit from using Kolada?

Kolada gives access to around 3000 key performance indices regarding each Swedish municipality and region, each year. For instance, list the number of persons having moved to a certain municipality a certain year, or how much was spent on health care per citizen a given year.

What is Kolada - Kommun och landstingsdatabasen?

Kommun- och landstingsdatabasen (Kolada, is a database with open data for yearly key performance indices for municipalities and regions in Sweden. A large amount of data is collected regarding resources, quantities and quality. Data is harvested from the municipalities themselves as well as from other statistical sources. The owner of Kolada is Rådet för främjande av kommunala analyser (RKA,, to which Svenska staten och Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting (SKR) are members.