Automatic Excel Master Model Updater

The Automatic Excel Master Model Updater is the industry leading tool for one-click patching and automatic updating of Excel files. Cell values, formulas, charts and images in users' Excel files are updated based on instructions in a master updater file. Sheets can be added, renmaed and removed. Save time and avoid errors by automating Excel model updates while staying in absolute control.

Typical use case:

  1. The model administrator maintains an Excel file that contains a master model used by many Excel users.
  2. The model administrator needs to update the model for all users to a new version by changing some formulas or adding a new sheet.
  3. Instead of sending out a new version of the master Excel file and having each user transfer their existing data and comments into the new model version manually, the model administrator simply sends out a single file, the Automatic Master Model Excel Updater file (a VBA macro .xlsm file), to all users containing a list of instructions describing the changes needed to be performed to bring the user's local model file to the latest version.
  4. Each model user locally opens up the Automatic Master Model Excel Updater file and presses a button. The updater then automatically performs the changes to the user's local model. the user's model thus gets updated to the latest version while retaining all the users local data.

Automatic Excel Master Model Updater one click on update button in Excel sheet updates users' master model files

One-click patching and automatic updating

Model users simply receive or download the Updater Excel file locally to their computers, open it and click the update button. The Updater checks the user's current model version and applies all update patches to bring it up to the latest model version.

Automatically update data, formulas and charts in an Excel master workbook model

Update data and formulas in single cells (A1), cell ranges (A1:A5) as well as for defined named ranges (InputValues).

Create new sheets or delete existing ones.

Insert or delete columns, rows or areas.

Copy whole sheets, including images.

Update several version patches applied in sequence

The Updater handles updates of version sequences. Each version's update instructions are placed in an individual sheet containing all modifications for that version. Instructions are listed row by row. 

The tool updates the user's model from the current version, such as model version 1.0.0, through any intermediate versions, such as 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.1.0 up to the highest version such 1.2.0 - all in one go. As a user, if your model version is at 1.0.2 the updater will automatically transform your file going through versions 1.1.0 and 1.2.0. If you are already at version 1.1.0 it will simply apply the 1.2.0 update.

The Updater uses semantic versioning: Major.Minor.Fix. The Major number represents a new model structure. The Minor number stands for smaller updates like added column, added or removed sheets, or a new calculation formula or new cell values. The Fix number indicates that faulty data or formulas were corrected.

Easy user interface for writing update instructions

The Automatic Excel Master Model Updater uses only four columns in each version sheet.

Save time and avoid errors

With a large number of users, this solution provides a very quick and simple solution to the model updating problem. By providing the Updater in an Excel Macro-Enabled file, the tool can be used in most environments, even with tight corporate security settings. 


Your users need to be allowed to run Excel file containing a VBA macro (.xlsm).