Excel consulting services and VBA macro development

Excelkurs Direkt provide Excel services as well as Excel VBA programming consulting and development services. Development is typically performed remotely.

Excel VBA macro programming and development consulting services

Excelkurs Direkt provide expert VBA developers and senior consultants for Excel macro and application programming.

Need a new function in Excel? Want to save time by programming Excel to do repetitive and time-consuming work tasks? Speed up data import and automatic report creation? Let our professional development consultants, programmers and software engineers help you create and maintain your VBA macros.

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Excel modelling and optimization

Are your Excel files large, unstructured and slow? Let us help you remodel your worksheets into new, leaner workbooks.

On-line Excel support and problem solving

Stand-by help with your Excel models, pivots and charts, on-line, via remote Internet video sessions, by phone, on chat or via e-mail.

Professional Excel charts

Tired of not getting your charts and graphs looking the way you want them to? Let us create attractive visual Excel representations of your data.

Data research and analytics for journalists, information workers and communicators

To help journalists or other business intelligence workers gain insight and develop data-driven news services, we compile and compare data from many sources and large data sets. We help you visualise your data in diagrams and charts (also using Tableau, Datawrapper and Infogram). Plus, we will assist in setting up page scraping features, to get data from web pages, typically using Python, Chrome Scraper, Import.io and xpaths. In addition, we can help gather information on web sites from regional internet registries, mail senders from mail headers, photographer names from tags, Facebook group owners, and more. We can also automate the actions through VBA programming or Python.

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